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These are posts that have gotten a lot of attention over the years. While I am no longer actively maintaining this blog, these are posts that are not tied to current events and are of general interest. You can, of course, also check out the “categories” and archives in the right sidebar as well. Enjoy, and if you are interested in visiting the amazing country of Uganda on one of my trips, come over to my site at www.ConservationConcepts.net.

Is It Better to be Poor in a Poor Country?

When Do You Give to Beggars?

Going on Safari? Bring Binoculars!

Uganda Not Ripe for Egypt-Style Uprising

Homosexuality in Uganda is NOT a European Import. Christianity Is.

I’ll Trade You a Cracker for your Faith

Uganda Vs. Oregon: Size Does Matter (When You’re Talking About Population)

Conflict Over Conflict-Free Diamonds

Wikileaks Hurts the Good Guys Too

Uganda’s Mountain Parks Might Be The Last Refuge in a Changed Climate

Yes, Northern Uganda is Safe AND Amazing

Gay Rights in Uganda

Impact of Oil Development on Wildlife Not Always Obvious

Talking About Race With Kids

The Expat – Ugandan Dynamic

The Serengeti at 60 (mph)

What If It Was My Son

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

What is a Local?

Gay Porn in Church

A Rose By Any Other Name Might Still Smell Like DDT

Roads to Ruin

Democracy and Wildlife At Risk in Uganda

Avatar – More of the Same

John Muir Could Never Get a Job in Conservation Today

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Gay Rights Groups Still NOT Recruiting Children

Uganda’s Ethics and Integrity Minister is drooling over a document he has misinterpreted. In an article in The Observer, also highlighted on the blog Towleroad, we read that a strategy document developed by gay civil rights advocacy groups was confiscated: … Continue reading

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Prince Charles’ Video Address to Rio+20

Most of the world seems to have low expectations for what will come out of the Rio+20 environmental conference that is happening right now. In this video, Prince Charles highlights how little has been accomplished since the Rio Earth Summit … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Police Raid in Uganda

Even if the “Kill the Gays” bill never gets passed in Uganda, prejudice, homophobia and a lack of respect for human rights will live on. As reported on the LGBTQ Nation blog yesterday, Ugandan police raided a gay rights meeting … Continue reading

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Rest of East Africa Leaves Uganda Behind on Environment

Ten African countries – including the East African bloc of Kenya, Tanazania and Rwanda – signed an agreement to take the environment into account when developing national economies and corporate practices. Uganda is conspicuously absent from this agreement, dubbed the … Continue reading

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Do Uganda and Rwanda Want to Annex Eastern DRC?

Does anybody have any information to support the recent claim by Antoine Roger Lokongo in Pambazuka News that: “Britain, America and the European Union are now caught red-handed and cannot claim not to be aware of the plot (of annexing … Continue reading

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Chimp Tracking in Uganda

Most people in Uganda think Kibale National Park is the only place to go for a good chimp tracking experience. I heartily disagree. I have always been a big fan of Kaniyo-Pabidi forest near Murchison Falls National Park. Not only … Continue reading

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What Would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Think of The Expat Life?

On this day 44 years ago, April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed. It is interesting reflecting on this sitting here in Uganda where sometimes it is hard to tell he ever lived. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Back in Uganda

Well, the whole family made the journey back to Uganda safely, and we’ll be here for the next 6 weeks. Japhy, coming here for his first visit at 7 months was a trooper, and Nile, 5, is an old hat … Continue reading

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Ugandan Blogger on Kony 2012

Here is a video created by Rosebell Kagumire, a respected journalist and blogger in Uganda, with her thoughts on the Kony 2012 video: Please pass this on, as it is important – AND DIFFICULT – to get the voices of … Continue reading

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