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Was Uganda Better Off Under British Rule?

This question was asked by Larry Kanyike in the Daily Monitor in his article Does Uganda Have a Future. His opening statement, and the rest of the article, should stir up some interesting debate: “It is over 40 years since … Continue reading

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It’s Back.

As I suspected, the “Kill the Gays Bill” has returned as a priority item for the new Parliament in Uganda. It will be interesting to see if the death penalty aspect is still stripped out, or if it has been … Continue reading

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Keep an Eye on Museveni

I just read an article that brought up a number of red flags for me about the direction Uganda is taking right now. It is well-known that President Museveni is living in fear of what has happened in north Africa. … Continue reading

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Uganda in Flames

I haven’t written for a while because I have been in transit for the last few weeks moving back to the States. As I have tuned back into what has been happening in Uganda, I am in total shock. Museveni … Continue reading

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Ugandan Elephant Killed for Being Too Friendly

In his recent Uganda Conservation Update, Wolfgang Thome writes of a friendly elephant likely poisoned by locals: WINDOW SHOPPING ELEPHANT POISONED The female elephant, recently risen to fame when pictures were published in the Uganda media about walking along the … Continue reading

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Two-Thirds of American Corporations Pay No Taxes

Lest you think that corruption is the exclusive purview of countries like Uganda, read this article from Care2 about huge corporations receiving money back from the government rather than paying their share of taxes. Nice to know that the burden … Continue reading

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Did Gadaffi Help Control Muslim Extremism in Africa?

Once Gadaffi is removed from power, there will be many dominoes falling across Africa. His personal investments in businesses and in cultivating relationships with cultural rulers constitute billions of dollars and form an intricate web of control across the continent. … Continue reading

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Uganda is Broke

According to a Valentines Day article in The East African, Ugandans won’t be feeling the love for at least three years as the government tries to recover financially from the incumbent party’s looting of the treasury to fund their campaigns. Continue reading

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Uganda (Not) Ripe for Egypt-Style Uprising

A recent article in the Associate Foreign Press states that, according to the opposition here, Uganda is Ripe for an Egypt-Style Uprising.

I’m afraid that this is just a bit of wishful thinking on the part of Kizza Besigye, the main opposition candidate. Maybe I will be totally surprised by a tsunami of discontent that will surge after the election but, at this point, I just don’t buy it.

Here are the 5 reasons why I don’t think Uganda is ripe for any type of popular uprising: Continue reading

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Conflict at David Kato’s Funeral Puts Spotlight on Anglican Church

Originally Posted On Global Voices Online:

Ugandan gay-rights advocate, David Kato, was slain on January 26, 2011. He was bludgeoned in his home with an iron bar 22 days after he won an injunction against the Rolling Stone newspaper that printed his name, along with the names of 99 other Ugandan homosexuals, under a banner stating “Hang Them.”

David’s activism was boldly courageous in a country where homosexuality is illegal, and debate continues on a bill that would provide the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality.”

Despite the timing and the very visible role David played within the LGBT community in Uganda, Ugandan police refuse to consider this a hate crime.

His death has brought out the voices of friends and foes alike. Continue reading

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