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Impact of Oil Development on Wildlife Not Always Obvious

Nobody really knows what effect oil drilling will have on wildlife in Uganda. Most of the national parks and other protected areas are slated for drilling, and much of the oil is being found in the Albertine Rift, one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. In Murchison Falls National Park, most of the current and proposed test wells are in the areas with the highest concentrations of wildlife and, while efforts are being made to gather some baseline data on the animals to measure impacts against, population numbers are estimates at best, and behavioral studies of the animals are limited or non-existent. If the natural heritage of this country is going to be protected, a lot more information needs to be gathered.

One thing that Uganda can do is look to studies that have been done in other places that are farther along the oil journey. Gabon is another country that is drilling in its national parks, and it has many of the same species of animals. A study was published this year in the journal Biological Conservation that looks at Oil Prospecting and its Impact on Large Rainforest Mammals in Loango National Park, Gabon. The species they looked at are elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys and duikers – all species that can be found in Uganda as well. Continue reading

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Rothschild's Giraffe Now Listed as Endangered Species

Few animals scream “Africa” the way giraffes do. There are nine subspecies of giraffe in Africa, two of which are now listed as endangered by the IUCN. Nearly half of the remaining wild members of this endangered species call Murchison Falls National Park their home. Continue reading

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Timeline for the Tullow/Heritage Oil Debacle

Here is a link to a useful summary of the ongoing oil saga, and the convolutions of the sale of Heritage’s claim in Uganda to Tullow Oil.  I have found it very useful to have the information collected here in … Continue reading

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I have been hearing rumors about this, but this article seems to confirm that government officials, with insider information about potential oil well sites in Uganda, are buying up land in the oil-rich Albertine Rift: Uganda: ‘Top Govt Officials … Continue reading

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Really? Seriously?!?

Uganda just signed an “oil co-operation pact” with Nigeria.  This is like asking China to help develop your human rights policy.  In my mind, the final nail is in the coffin of any hope that the new-found oil wealth here … Continue reading

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A longer oil timeline for Uganda

Uganda and East Africa may have to wait a little longer for petro-dollars from Uganda’s extensive oil fields as it emerges that major oil production is unlikely to commence until at least 2014/15. – The East African Continue reading

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A Thought for Beauty

It seems callous to talk about the value of beauty in a country where so many are struggling just to survive. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs rules out appreciation of beauty until a person’s more basic needs (food, water, shelter) are satisfied. However, how long can you wait to focus on preserving beauty until it is all gone? Continue reading

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Is Uganda Ready for Oil Spills?

We know that oil-related disasters can happen even under the “best possible set of circumstances.” Shouldn’t that make Uganda think twice about drilling in some of its most cherished natural areas? Continue reading

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Uganda to announce decision on oil deals by April

Uganda will deliver its decision on UK explorer Tullow Oil’s purchase of Heritage Oil’s assets in the country by April, a top energy official said on Wednesday.

Tullow is in the process of acquiring Heritage’s 50 percent equity in their jointly owned exploration blocks 1 and 3A and has also applied to the government to be allowed to sell stakes in its exploration properties to China’s China National Offshore Oil Corporation, CNOOC and France’s Total. Continue reading

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Nigeria to help in developing Uganda's oil, gas

Gee, what great news, since Nigeria has had such great success in using its oil to benefit its people (yes, I’m being sarcastic) … Nigeria to help in developing Uganda’s oil, gas.

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