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Keep an Eye on Museveni

I just read an article that brought up a number of red flags for me about the direction Uganda is taking right now. It is well-known that President Museveni is living in fear of what has happened in north Africa. … Continue reading

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Uganda in Flames

I haven’t written for a while because I have been in transit for the last few weeks moving back to the States. As I have tuned back into what has been happening in Uganda, I am in total shock. Museveni … Continue reading

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President Museveni – Remember When YOU Were a Rebel?

It is more than a little hypocritical when President Museveni criticizes the West for getting involved in the Libya crisis. If countries really should be left to work out their own issues, even when “the people” are vastly out-gunned, how … Continue reading

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Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Finally Dead?

Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, internationally-denounced legislation that would have prescribed all Ugandan gays to be put in jail for life, would have required reporting to the government anyone suspected of being homosexual within 24 hours, and possibly would have … Continue reading

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Good Riddance, Buturo

James Buturo, the erstwhile Ethics and Integrity State Minister, is now just your average closed-minded gay-bashing guy. He is one of several MPs who were forced to resign their posts after running for office as Independent candidates without first resigning from their parties.

On his way out, he actually came up with what might be his best policy recommendation ever. He may have found a solution to the impending population crisis here in Uganda:

“Homosexuality in Uganda and Africa as a whole is a taboo. How can a man sleep with a fellow man or a woman with a fellow woman. How can they produce children?”

Excellent point, Mr. Buturo. Maybe everyone should become gay, at least for a few years, until the rampaging population growth gets under control (Uganda has the second highest population growth rate in the world, and nobody is talking about it).

And, of course, he had to make one more jab at western nations for “exporting” homosexuality to Uganda:

“if it is good and revered in their countries, they should not impose it on Ugandans or Africans in general.”

Uh, yeah…we in the west have so much to gain from turning Africans gay that it has become a primary State Department strategy. I have written about my views on this claim in my post Homosexuality in Uganda is Not a European Import – Christianity Is.

Mr. Buturo, I hope your replacement possesses some ethics and some integrity.

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Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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I Held 5 Billion Dollars

Not, unfortunately, American dollars. It was Zimbabwean dollars, and it was one note. How can they fit so many zeros on a single bill? And yes, these are real: My neighbor here in Kampala is from Zimbabwe, and one evening … Continue reading

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Libya: Anger Shifting from Gadaffi to “African Mercenaries”

Gadaffi uses mercenary soldiers from sub-Saharan Africa. As his country rises up against him, he probably uses them even more than he did before, since the loyalties of his “Libyan” soldiers must be in doubt. This is causing a violent … Continue reading

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European Taxpayers Paid for Museveni’s Re-election

European taxpayers would be right to grumble a bit about the fact that they spent millions of euros/pounds to help re-elect Uganda’s President Museveni. US taxpayers can breathe a sigh of relief that the United States government has changed the … Continue reading

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Protests:Mapping the Middle East and North Africa

With all of this instability in these primarily Muslim countries, I can just imagine what’s going on in backrooms at the Pentagon right now. The CIA leadership and others must be frantically trying to position “their guys” to take over once the dust settles. What an unprecedented opportunity to stuff all of these Muslim countries with pro-American leaders.

I’m sure we will never see evidence of it (even on Wikileaks), but I can almost hear the thunderous flow of black-ops US money pouring into the coffers of rebel leaders in the hopes that they will be “friends” when the old dictators are gone.

This is an exciting and frightening time. Change is happening at an incredible pace, but what will these countries look like a year from now? A “new leader” doesn’t always mean a “better leader.” While these revolutions have been “people powered,” how many of these people actually have the power to take control after the upheaval?

Let’s believe in the power of progress and the strength of people to improve their situation, but let’s not stop watching these countries once the bullets stop flying. It is easier to break something down than to build something up. They are likely to need the world’s help even more in the future as their people try to design governments that will work for them. Continue reading

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Uganda After the Elections

This post takes a look at the reactions of bloggers to the peaceful elections in Uganda. Continue reading

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