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“Yes, We Know Its Christmas”

Finally, Africans speak out against Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” with “Yes, We Know Its Christmas” (not yet available on YouTube as far as I can tell). I’ve been thinking about the Band Aid song a lot lately, … Continue reading

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Inflation in Uganda

This is the reason for the “Walk-to-Work” protests. Follow the link to see more images from the protests on Global Voices Online. Mark D. Jordahl

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Is it Better to be Poor in a Poor Country?

Let’s face it – it sucks to be poor anywhere. But I think a lot about relative poverty. Very frequently here in Uganda, people will ask me to “take them to America.” I know the vision in their minds. They … Continue reading

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When Do You Give to Beggars?

This is one of the biggest questions and challenges for people traveling to the developing world and, perhaps even moreso, for those living as western expats in countries with extensive poverty because we confront it on a daily basis. The … Continue reading

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“Store Food and Water”

An SMS message is being sent out from the Uganda Prime Minister’s office saying: “A long dry season has been predicted. Expect shortages of food, water and pasture. Store food & water to avoid hunger.” The drought is widespread, and … Continue reading

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BeadforLife – A Path out of Poverty

I want to share this story from the most recent BeadforLife newsletter (full disclosure – my wife is a co-founder of BeadforLife).

The reason I want to share it is that it is an inspiring story that shows the power of a little bit of seed capital in the right hands. This woman didn’t receive a hand-out, she received an opportunity and worked hard to save the money that allowed her to slowly start and expand her businesses. Continue reading

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