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Ugandan Blogger on Kony 2012

Here is a video created by Rosebell Kagumire, a respected journalist and blogger in Uganda, with her thoughts on the Kony 2012 video: Please pass this on, as it is important – AND DIFFICULT – to get the voices of … Continue reading

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Signs of Uganda #7

NOW I understand why the traffic is so bad in Kampala! Many thanks to Jocelyn Baker for this sign from Centenary Park!

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Not Yet!

Wait!  This site isn’t ready for you yet.  The process of moving this blog is a bit more complicated than I thought, so for now please continue to visit Thanks! Mark

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Christmas Cards for Ugandan Wildlife

You’re gonna buy them anyway, so why not have your purchase of holiday greeting cards support a group that is doing great work to protect wildlife in Uganda? If you live in Kampala, contact Charlotte at 0774 802319 or e-mail … Continue reading

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Wild Thoughts Ranked a "Top Uganda Blog" by Go!Overseas

Wild Thoughts from Uganda was recently selected as a “Top Uganda Blog” by Go!Overseas, a site that provides information about living, working and volunteering around the world. Continue reading

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You Call That a Migration?

The total number of wildebeest left in all of southern Africa is estimated at about 2.5 million individuals, with just over half of those participating in the Serengeti/Maasai Mara migration that has captured the fascination and imagination of the world … Continue reading

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The Rush of "Freshly Pressed"

Wow – what a ride! I feel like a junkie coming off a high and looking for my next fix. Each weekday Wordpress, the platform that I use for blogging, features ten posts from the 277,000+ blogs they host in their “Freshly Pressed” department. I have no idea how my post got selected last week, but it did, and suddenly I saw my “hit counter” going through the roof, with over 1,500 visits in about 36 hours.

I know that to be true to the art of writing, I really shouldn’t care if anybody is reading what I put out there. But with millions of blogs now in existence, you just start to wonder if anybody besides your mother is reading your posts. I now have to admit, it feels really good when people read your stuff.

So I’ll try to keep it interesting to keep you coming back. I’ve updated my blog’s look, added a story about an ill-fated road trip around Lake Victoria that started with a bribe and ended with me under arrest for smuggling, and also added a photo gallery.

If you want a regular dose of Wild Thoughts from Uganda, you can sign up to receive it by e-mail in the sidebar to the right. If there is something you want me to look into and write about, let me know! If there is somebody else you think would enjoy reading this blog, please send the link to them.

Thanks for reading!

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala Continue reading

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Bombs in Kampala

During the World Cup, at least two bombs were set off in Kampala restaurants – Ethiopian Village on Kabalagala and Kyadondo Rugby Club.  The death toll is now over 60. The police are suspecting al-Shabab, a terrorist cell from Somalia … Continue reading

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In a terrorist plot to rid the world of large, round unbelievers who spray feces with their tails, 30 hippos have died from anthrax exposure in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Well, at least the part about the anthrax is … Continue reading

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Gulf Oil Spill: A Call to (Wrong) Action

Is it just me, or are we once again missing the point? We seem so stuck in old frames of reference that we now look for what is politically realistic rather than what is right and needed. Continue reading

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