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Why Does Facebook Want LESS Connectivity?

Facebook only exists because of the connections it facilitates between people. Apart from that, it provides no other value except a place to waste time when you don’t feel like working. So why have they made it harder to access … Continue reading

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I’m Right and You’re Wrong.

  Dont you just want to say that sometimes? Go ahead. Do it. Today. Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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5 Things I Don’t Understand about Social Media

Despite my advanced age, I am trying to get caught up on the whole social media scene. However, there are five things I might never understand: How did my blog rank drop 80,000 places on Technorati overnight when I changed … Continue reading

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I Love Getting Smacked Down for a Good Cause

I’m a big fan of free software. I don’t do a lot of highly technical stuff on my computer, so I don’t generally need to pay for expensive programs. The down side to this is that I sometimes download programs that I don’t even use, just because they are free and I think someday I might need them. It’s a bit like buying clothes that don’t fit because they are on sale.

Some time ago (apparently more than 30 days ago) I downloaded a computer-based dictionary and thesaurus program called WordWeb. As a writer, it seemed like it might come in handy. Of course, I never actually read the terms of the agreement, because I never do. I just clicked on “Accept.” Then I immediately forgot that I had installed it until yesterday.

I was looking for a word to use for a project I’m working on, and saw the little WordWeb icon on my desktop. Oh yeah – that ol’ thing. Let’s give it a try.

Immediately after I opened the program, a questionnaire popped up asking if I have taken more than 2 commercial flights in the last year. I figured it was some marketing agreement that brings them some income, allowing them to offer free software to schmoes like me. So hey – filling out a survey is the least I can do, right? I clicked “yes.”

Imagine my surprise when this came on the screen: Continue reading

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Wild Thoughts is One Year Old!

This is a big milestone. To celebrate, I thought I’d share some of the highlights from the year, and then re-post the very first entry from 21 January, 2010.

First the highlights:

* Over 15,000 hits – not bad for a first year, starting from scratch
* 110 posts
* Featured once on Freshly Pressed
* Post Talking About Race With Kids published in Elephant Journal
* Switched from to and created new site with a new domain (still hoping to get my old readers back!)
* Ranked a Top Uganda Blog by GoOverseas
* Recently invited to be an author for Global Voices Online – stay tuned for more on that
* I’ve met some very interesting people through the blog
* I’ve learned a lot
* I’ve had a lot of fun

This blog truly was one of my highlights from 2010 and I look forward to expanding its reach in 2011.

Now for a trip through memory lane. The inaugural post: Continue reading

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Obama and Palin’s Arizona Speeches

The post-Arizona shooting videos of Obama and Palin. Continue reading

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O Holy Night

I’m off for holiday travels and don’t know how regularly I’ll be updating this blog in the next few weeks, so I thought I’d leave you all with this song, performed by a very dear friend, Lee Bob Watson:


In the words of Lee:
“Oh Holy Night” has been my favorite Christmas song for quite some time. This version was recorded late in the night of Dec 20 2009, the sounds of the street are from the alley below my window in North Beach. For me, the sounds of strife amplify the longing expressed in songs such as this one. Regardless of one’s religion, we all hope for deliverance sometimes.

This song has always been one of my favorites, too, I think because of the sense of melancholy that is woven through the beauty of the song. That’s my experience of this holiday – beauty with a dash of melancholy.

The images in my head of Christmas involve people sitting nice and cozy by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and hot buttered rums. I love the fact that at this time of year, in the parts of the world that celebrate this holiday, people who might never talk to each other at any other time will stop to say “Merry Christmas” to the people sitting near them on the train or in line at the grocery store. It is a time that brings family together and makes people think about giving rather than getting.

But I can never shake the melancholy. I can never stop thinking about the fact that for many people around the world, Christmas is just another day of struggle. And I don’t want to shake the melancholy. I never want to forget that many people don’t have the luxury that I have of stepping out of life for a week or two and enjoying good meals and presents around the tree.

I don’t know if it helps at all, but part of what makes Christmas a “Holy Night” for me is dedicating some of my thoughts to remembering that not everybody is as lucky as me, and wishing for Peace on Earth for everyone in this season.

Merry Christmas

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala Continue reading

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Changing Domains – Please be Patient!

Over the next few days, I will be migrating this blog to a different domain to increase functionality and hopefully to make it easier for search engines to find it. I have never done this before, so please bear with me!

I think that the old address will automatically redirect you to the new address, and I hope that any RSS feeds or e-mail alerts will also transfer to the new address.

Just in case, though, by the middle of next week, especially if you haven’t gotten a new welcome message from me, head on over to and find me. You should be able to sign up there directly on the new site and avoid any redirect issues.

Thanks, and I hope you find that this change enhances your experience with Wild Thoughts from Uganda!

Mark Continue reading

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Defense Against Bad Marriage Act

This post is for all of my friends and family in the United States, as they prepare to head to the polls for the mid-term elections. I am hoping somebody will submit this proposed bill and that it will be put into force soon:

Justification for the Defense Against Bad Marriage Act:

I am sick and tired of having my marriage devalued by all of those people who enter into bad relationships yet apply the same term “marriage” to their unholy unions. There are FAR too many bad marriages out there and, frankly, I no longer want my relationship with my wife to be placed in the same “marriage” category as those unnatural bonds that clearly go against the will of God. Hence, the introduction of the DABMA (pronounced “dab-ma”).

This act is based on a number of beliefs: Continue reading

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You Can't Cram for Christmas

I realize that this might seem like the wrong season for this post (and, frankly, a bit off-topic for this blog). But, really, it shouldn’t seem that way. For those of us in the United States, we still have two major holidays between now and Christmas – Halloween in October, and Thanksgiving in November. No matter how early the retailers try to convince us to start our Christmas shopping, it somehow feels like we don’t really need to get prepared until after Thanksgiving.

But Santa’s no chump. He’s not easily suckered. This morning my son woke up singing a Christmas carol – you know, the one about him knowing when you are sleeping, awake, being good, being bad, when you are picking your nose and when you told your boss you were sick so you could go fishing. And then we got talking about THE LIST. And then we got talking about when, exactly, he starts working on that list.
And it came to me. Sh*#!!! I have to start being good now! If Santa knows all these things about us, then presumably he doesn’t wait until after Thanksgiving for his surveillance.

So, let this be a gentle reminder to you – it’s never too early to start being good.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala Continue reading

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