I Hope There's More to Obama's Plan for LRA

The Obama administration just released their plan for how to finally eliminate the Lords Resistance Army from central Africa.  Drumroll please…

1.  Protect civilians

2.  Take out Joseph Kony and his commanders

3.  Promote defection or disarmament of rebels

4.  Increase humanitarian assistance to affected areas

Wow – brilliant.  Now that it is written out like that, it is so obvious.  In over 20 years of battle, why didn’t somebody think of removing Joseph Kony before?!?  This thing is practically over now.  Now that Kony knows they are going to come after him, he’ll probably just turn himself in.

But no – there’s more to it than that.  The U.S. will use its intelligence agencies and military strategists to support Uganda and DRC’s efforts to fight the rebels.  Oh wait…isn’t that what we did during the failed Operation Lightning Thunder, when the U.S. partnered with the armies of Uganda, DRC and South Sudan to capture Kony and defeat his army in the Garamba area of Democratic Republic of Congo?

Check out this article by Ugandan blogger Tumwijuke called Operation Lightning Thunder: The Unholy Alliance Revealed.  In it, she quotes a New York Times article stating:

American military helped to plan and pay for the attack on the LRA.  Senior American military officials said a team of 17 advisers and analysts from the Pentagon’s Africa Command worked closely with Ugandan officers on the mission, providing satellite phones, intelligence and one million dollars in fuel.

That sounds very similar to what is in this current plan.

Now I’m not saying I have any better ideas on how to take this guy out.  He is notoriously difficult to pin down.  I just really hope that the U.S. military does if they are going to get involved again.  After Lightning Thunder, the LRA went on a revenge killing spree.  For the sake of all the villagers in central Africa, please let there be more to this plan than meets the eye.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

About Mark D. Jordahl

Mark Jordahl is a writer, trip leader and naturalist who has lived much of the last 7 years in Uganda and currently calls Colorado home.
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