Libya: Anger Shifting from Gadaffi to “African Mercenaries”

Gadaffi uses mercenary soldiers from sub-Saharan Africa. As his country rises up against him, he probably uses them even more than he did before, since the loyalties of his “Libyan” soldiers must be in doubt. This is causing a violent backlash against Black Africans in Libya.

Unfortunately, many of the victims of attacks against the “mercenaries” are simply immigrants from other parts of Africa who are in Libya hoping it will prove to be their gateway into Europe. Many of these individuals are now bunkered into homes or camps trying to defend themselves against attacks by Arab Libyans.

This can only help Gadaffi, as it deflects peoples anger and resentment away from him and towards a powerless minority group. Divide and Conquer.

The world tends to focus on the centers of conflicts, but many of the deaths happen at the fringes. Immigrants, women, children…the often powerless and voiceless.

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Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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