Northern Uganda on PBS News Hour

Here is a video created by two filmmaker friends of mine, Vicky Collins and Paul Hillman, about the World Vision center in Gulu that is rehabilitating ex-child-soldiers.  It recently aired on the PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer.  They interviewed a few of the young people who escaped from the LRA during battles in the Democratic Republic of Congo earlier this year, and you get to hear directly from them about some of the challenges of trying to re-enter their old lives after years living as soldiers in the bush.

I think you will agree that the highlight of the piece is my cameo appearance driving my white SUV into the World Vision compound.

You can watch the original, longer version of the story that aired on HDNet here: Ugandan Child Soldiers

This is an important example of filmmakers, who have actually been here on the ground, trying to inform the world about the real, current issues confronting northern Uganda and ex-child-soldiers.

Thanks, Paul and Vicky!

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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