Protests:Mapping the Middle East and North Africa

Protest where? But yesterday, weren’t they protesting in…?

Having trouble tracking the massive changes sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa? Me too. But, I just came across this link from the Washington Post which not only helps with the geography of where all these countries are, but leads you to summaries of protests in each country:

Image of Protests in Middle East and North Africa

Image from Washington Post

With all of this instability in these primarily Muslim countries, I can just imagine what’s going on in backrooms at the Pentagon right now. The CIA leadership and others must be frantically trying to position “their guys” to take over once the dust settles. What an unprecedented opportunity to stuff all of these Muslim countries with pro-American leaders.

I’m sure we will never see evidence of it (even on Wikileaks), but I can almost hear the thunderous flow of black-ops US money pouring into the coffers of rebel leaders in the hopes that they will be “friends” when the old dictators are gone.

This is an exciting and frightening time. Change is happening at an incredible pace, but what will these countries look like a year from now? A “new leader” doesn’t always mean a “better leader.” While these revolutions have been “people powered,” how many of these people actually have the power to take control after the upheaval?

Let’s believe in the power of progress and the strength of people to improve their situation, but let’s not stop watching these countries once the bullets stop flying. It is easier to break something down than to build something up. They are likely to need the world’s help even more in the future as their people try to design governments that will work for them.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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