Sport Hunting Suspended in Uganda

According to the website of Global Sporting Safaris, sport hunting has been temporarily suspended in Uganda.  Their source here said the suspension is largely based on questions around the ability to set appropriate quotas.  This is in line with the concerns expressed at the stakeholder meeting in February that I reported on here, where most people questioned whether the Uganda Wildlife Authority has credible population estimates of the wildlife in the country.

Interestingly, I didn’t find anything about this suspension on the Wildlife Authority site, but I am encouraged that they are willing to listen to scientific and public concerns and reevaluate the sport hunting system.

Even though the pilot phase for sport hunting has been going on for nearly ten years, I have spoken to very few people who are even aware that it has been happening.  This might speak favorably that the hunting has not affected many people directly in a negative way, but it also means that the public has not been properly informed or allowed to comment.

Whether they end up reinstating sport hunting or not, I expect the decision will be received more favorably by all after feeling like the various voices have been heard.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

More on the topic: Uganda Announces Suspension of Sport Hunting.

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  1. Hello Mr. Jordahl,

    I will update new information on hunting in Uganda as soon as I have it. Thank you for the post!

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  3. Sport hunting was suspended for good reasons to those who wish to inquire,however the provisional quota for this year (2010) was not.
    I believe the persons in this business had already commited themselves to there client.Its with that view that we exempted the provisional qouta.
    Thank you.
    Pro deum et patrium.

  4. Jaimie says:

    Thank you for giving me information about a debate topic of whether people should be able to hunt for sport or not I’m working on in my English class.

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