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When Elephants and Humans Collide

Here is a great article I just came across in the Black Star News that highlights the important and complicated issues around human – elephant conflict in Africa. Elephants traditionally ranged over thousands of miles. As population growth in Uganda … Continue reading

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I Love Getting Smacked Down for a Good Cause

I’m a big fan of free software. I don’t do a lot of highly technical stuff on my computer, so I don’t generally need to pay for expensive programs. The down side to this is that I sometimes download programs that I don’t even use, just because they are free and I think someday I might need them. It’s a bit like buying clothes that don’t fit because they are on sale.

Some time ago (apparently more than 30 days ago) I downloaded a computer-based dictionary and thesaurus program called WordWeb. As a writer, it seemed like it might come in handy. Of course, I never actually read the terms of the agreement, because I never do. I just clicked on “Accept.” Then I immediately forgot that I had installed it until yesterday.

I was looking for a word to use for a project I’m working on, and saw the little WordWeb icon on my desktop. Oh yeah – that ol’ thing. Let’s give it a try.

Immediately after I opened the program, a questionnaire popped up asking if I have taken more than 2 commercial flights in the last year. I figured it was some marketing agreement that brings them some income, allowing them to offer free software to schmoes like me. So hey – filling out a survey is the least I can do, right? I clicked “yes.”

Imagine my surprise when this came on the screen: Continue reading

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Uganda’s Mountain Parks Might Be the Last Refuge in a Changed Climate

The Rwenzori Mountains and Mount Elgon, the bookends of Uganda, may provide a last bastion for biodiversity in Uganda in a changing climate. While these mountainous national parks get fewer visitors and fewer conservation dollars than the savanna parks with their charismatic wildlife, they might turn out to be the most important ones to protect. Continue reading

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World Gone Mad | Derrick Jensen | Orion Magazine

The most recent issue of Orion Magazine includes an article by Derrick Jensen, a pretty edgy environmental writer, looking at the psychopathic tendencies of modern society in its attitudes towards the planet.  I have certainly seen our relationship to the … Continue reading

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Obama's 2009 Conservation Record

I generally try not to steal shamelessly from other sources, but it is hard to create a better summary than this one created by the Conservation Maven about Obama’s successes and shortcomings regarding the environment. It is great to see Obama’s support rebounding after the Health Care victory, but I think we often miss the small steps he has been making along the way to bring our country back into balance after 8 years of GWB. Continue reading

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Tullow Oil given licence to flare Ugandan gas

Tullow Oil given licence to flare Ugandan gas | Business | The Guardian. Tullow Oil given licence to flare Ugandan gas • Tullow Oil contract under attack from NGO observers • Flaring could release huge volumes of greenhouse gases Shell … Continue reading

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A Rose By Any Other Name Might Still Smell Like DDT

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I hope my wife doesn’t read this post.  I am annually declared a Scrooge around Valentine’s Day due to my perspective on both the cut flower industry and the greeting card industry. A bouquet of … Continue reading

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To Urbanize or Not to Urbanize

Do you ever wish that somebody would just tell us the answers? It can get discouraging to try to address environmental issues when we receive such opposing scientific viewpoints as found in the two recent articles below. The first one, from ScienceDaily, claims that urbanization is driving the destruction of forests globally which, as we know, is terrible for global warming. The second article, from Conservation Magazine, claims that urbanization reduces energy demand and minimizes pressures on surrounding land and natural resources. Obviously, that’s good for climate change. Continue reading

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Avatar – More of the Same

I am always happy to see a movie where “people” who are lovers of nature are the good guys. However, once again, we are told that the only way for “good” to win is to be just as violent and bloody as the “enemy.” Continue reading

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