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I Made it Into Orion Magazine!…Sort of

My favorite source of inspiration, Orion Magazine, has an on-line department called “The Place Where You Live.” I was very excited this morning to get their e-newsletter and notice that my entry on Uganda is one of their featured pieces. Continue reading

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The Rush of "Freshly Pressed"

Wow – what a ride! I feel like a junkie coming off a high and looking for my next fix. Each weekday Wordpress, the platform that I use for blogging, features ten posts from the 277,000+ blogs they host in their “Freshly Pressed” department. I have no idea how my post got selected last week, but it did, and suddenly I saw my “hit counter” going through the roof, with over 1,500 visits in about 36 hours.

I know that to be true to the art of writing, I really shouldn’t care if anybody is reading what I put out there. But with millions of blogs now in existence, you just start to wonder if anybody besides your mother is reading your posts. I now have to admit, it feels really good when people read your stuff.

So I’ll try to keep it interesting to keep you coming back. I’ve updated my blog’s look, added a story about an ill-fated road trip around Lake Victoria that started with a bribe and ended with me under arrest for smuggling, and also added a photo gallery.

If you want a regular dose of Wild Thoughts from Uganda, you can sign up to receive it by e-mail in the sidebar to the right. If there is something you want me to look into and write about, let me know! If there is somebody else you think would enjoy reading this blog, please send the link to them.

Thanks for reading!

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala Continue reading

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