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Environmental Sustainability at St. John's Teachers College

This post is dedicated to my friend, David Cook, who said I was starting to depress him with the environmental news out of Uganda. He was right to call me on it – when I started writing this blog, my goal was to have a good balance between challenges and hope, but somehow the balance has been tipped in favor of the challenges. It has been hard to be hopeful with oil drilling happening in the national parks, and the corruption of the newly disbanded Uganda Wildlife Authority board (who are still trying to get payments out of the UWA accounts!).

However, as is so often the case in Africa (and elsewhere, I guess), the problems are often at the higher levels, and the hope comes from the grassroots. I honestly have very little faith that the Ugandan government has the will to protect the environment in this country in any way. I have a personal policy here, though – whenever I get discouraged about the future of Uganda, I try to spend more time with individual Ugandans. That’s what reignites my hope and reminds me why I am here.

I had that opportunity this week at the St. John the Baptist Primary Teachers College here in Kampala. It is one of the leading teacher colleges in East Africa, and about 2,000 students attend each year from the five countries in the EAC. The college has a very active environmental club that has partnered with Tusk Trust, Uganda Conservation Foundation and Siren Conservation Education to implement some model sustainability projects that the newly trained teachers can implement in the schools where they are ultimately placed. With 2,000 teachers being exposed to this every year, you can imagine how many children will be exposed to the importance of environmentally sustainable practices.

The project looked at some of the main environmental challenges confronting the college, which also happen to be some of the biggest challenges facing Africa as a whole:

* Water
* Fuelwood for cooking
* Maintaining good food harvests
* Waste management
* Income generation

Below are some pictures of what they have put in place in each of these areas: Continue reading

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Murchison Falls Continues to be Museveni's Punching Bag (or Punchline)

Can this really be happening? Murchison Falls National Park seems to be Museveni’s punching bag. First, it was opened up for unlimited oil drilling, and now he is demanding that the Madhvani Group, the owners of Paraa and Chobe Lodges, be allowed to build a golf course within the park. Clearly he does not take the concept of “National Park” seriously.

I think building a Wal-Mart or a 24-hour Nakumatt at the Top of the Falls would be a reasonable next step. Continue reading

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In a terrorist plot to rid the world of large, round unbelievers who spray feces with their tails, 30 hippos have died from anthrax exposure in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. Well, at least the part about the anthrax is … Continue reading

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