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Uganda vs. Oregon: Size Does Matter (when you’re talking about population)

As a reference point for how big Uganda is, one frequent comparison is that it is about the same size as the State of Oregon in the U.S. (not that that means anything to anyone outside the United States). Usually I quote this statistic to talk about how amazing the birding is in this country: “Did you know that Uganda, which is only the size of Oregon, has over 1,000 bird species and all of North America only has 810?) or something like that.

However, it came up in a new context recently in a conversation I was having with someone about the population pressures in Uganda. The current population of Uganda is just over 33 million. I tried to picture 33 million people in Oregon, but I had no idea how many people actually do live there, so I had to look it up. It turns out that there are only 3.8 million people in Oregon. That means that Uganda has nearly 10 times as many people living in slightly less space than Oregon, not even factoring in that Uganda’s surface area is about 20% water, which can’t be lived on or farmed. Combine that with the second largest population growth rate in the world and there is a crisis afoot. Now try to imagine 100 million people living in that same space, which is Uganda’s projected population in 2050. Yikes.

This little bit of research made me curious about how these two entities compare on other measures, and here is what I came up with: Continue reading

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