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I Held 5 Billion Dollars

Not, unfortunately, American dollars. It was Zimbabwean dollars, and it was one note. How can they fit so many zeros on a single bill? And yes, these are real: My neighbor here in Kampala is from Zimbabwe, and one evening … Continue reading

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Conflict Over Conflict-Free Diamonds in Zimbabwe

Are you a conscious shopper? When you buy lumber or wood furniture, do you always buy it from a certified sustainable source? When you buy clothes, do you check to make sure the company doesn’t use sweatshop labor? Is your chocolate fair-trade? Are your diamonds conflict-free?

Is there really any way to know?

Despite having the best intentions to use your consumer dollars to lobby for human rights and sustainable practices, and despite the hard work of NGOs with their certification schemes, it can be nearly impossible to know where your money is actually going. Continue reading

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