The Plot Thickens at Uganda Wildlife Authority

There is a firestorm of accusations coming from all directions at Uganda Wildlife Authority this week.  It seems that earlier reports of the reasons for the sacking of the Executive Director and others may have simply been used to cover some questionable motives of the new Board of Directors.

I won’t go into detail here, because you can read about it in this article ( in the Monitor and follow the links to the related articles.

Take it all with a grain of salt, though, as I am sure more information will be uncovered as everybody begins to investigate everybody else.

What a mess.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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7 Responses to The Plot Thickens at Uganda Wildlife Authority

  1. Wolfgang says:

    Wrote also in detail about it, as should you … Moses is being put to the sword for trying to do the right thing and the more the investigative teams of the news media dig the more dirt comes out now … wonder what they will tell parliament when they have to appear there … – top feature posted last night …

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  4. Trust me on this the motive of the new BoT of UWA is noble.
    The proof in the pudding is the outcome of the ongoing forensic Audit.
    If the motive was less than noble why Audit UWA.
    If it help you understand UWA whose Annual budget is approximatelys$15,000,000 runs 20 accounts in 5 different banks. Does that make economic sense.
    Kindly give us time to prove our worth. Not all that comes out of Uganda is Corrupt. There are many honest ugandans who truelly wish to see the country Grow. If at any stage the temptation to be corrupted afflicts me then be assured i shall resign.
    Pro deum et Patrium.

  5. Mr Wolfgang,
    you have judged us with inadequate information. kindly prepare your apology in 30 days time. YOUR EUROCENTRIC ATTITUDE SHALL BE PUT TO SHAME. BY THE WAY SOME OF THE CORRUPTERS OF UWA OFFICIALS ARE GERMANS. if i gave you evidence to the effect could you help bring them to book?
    Have a nice week.
    aluta comtinua, victoria ecerta. We have declare war on corruption if you believe in transperancy help us prosecute these corrupt europeans as well.

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