The Silence of Birds

Starling Flock

Image from Flickr

I heard the roar from below, at a distance
Loud, like an elephant in the water or a boat being pulled up on shore.

Looking for the source, I saw nothing until I saw the cloud

Of small birds

A cloud of birds

Moving, turning in sync.

Silent, small birds, together make a roar.
Couldn’t we do the same?

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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5 Responses to The Silence of Birds

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  2. Charles says:

    “Birds do it,
    Fish do it,
    Dolphins,whales and hartebeests do it.
    let’s do it…

    Let’s fall in Love.”

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  4. Cheryl F says:

    KJ and I love it !! It evokes so many of the senses. And the essence is so right on. Hopefully, the silent rational mainstream will do it on Tuesday.

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