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Blogging in Uganda is increasing slowly as internet access spreads. It is an uphill battle, as so far, this is not a country that looks first to the internet for information. Internet penetration – the percentage of people in Uganda who have access to the internet – is still only about 10%. Radio and newspapers are, by far, the main sources for most people here to find out what’s going on in the world.

Regardless, there are a number of very active and talented bloggers in Uganda who are trying to change this.

Afrigator bills itself as “Africa’s largest social media aggregator and blog directory.” This post lists the Ugandan blogs that are ranked in the top 10 spots in their listings based strictly (I think) on visitors and pageviews. For context, there are a total of 152 Ugandan blogs registered on their site (compared to over 10,000 for South Africa). Keep in mind that there may be some very successful blogs out there that are not included in the Afrigator directory.

On to the blogs:

1 Uganda Insomniac
Often cutting social commentary from a woman who never sleeps. She works in the radio industry so often has access and insights into things the rest of us don’t get to see. She is very widely read, with over 120,000 hits last year, and ranks highly among all blogs in Africa. One of my favorites.

2 Uganda
This is a job site. Not very interesting reading, unless you are looking for a job. It’s ranking shows that it is providing a much-needed service, though.

Written by a very bold, gay blogger. At this time of oppression of homosexuals, Afrogay gives you the sense that he will never be beaten down.

4 Fresh-Apples
A newsy site, infrequently updated, mostly about Uganda but occasionally veers off into other things.

5 M A I S H A
A wide-ranging blog, delving into politics, entertainment, and whatever else piques Maisha’s interests. Winner of Black Web Awards in 2009.

6 Joe Powell:
This hasn’t been updated since 2009, so I must admit I’m a little peeved that he is ahead of me in the rankings!

7 Wild Thoughts from Uganda
Yep – this is me. You know what I write about.

8 ::::I’ve Left Copenhagen for Uganda::::
This was a blog written by a Danish woman working in northern Uganda. It is another defunct blog that hasn’t been updated since 2007. Is Afrigator’s algorithm off, or do these sites just keep getting hits?

8 Safari Notes
“A blog that focuses on the continent of Africa, highlighting both its struggles and its joys. Special emphasis is placed on issues like poverty, climate change and other social justice issues.” This blog ranges far beyond just Uganda.

This is a very well-written, personal blog. Occasionally includes poetry, and even his narrative often reads like poetry. This is a blogger who clearly puts a lot of time into each post.

8 Kabozi
“I am a Ugandan professional guy who has grown up and lived all over the place, but now I call nairobi home. Is it possible to live the east african dream.” Kabozi shares his musings on life as a Ugandan abroad.

9 Feed me, Love me, Never Leave me.
This is an infrequently updated photo blog. It has some great shots from around Uganda.

9 My Mother Knows
This is a how-to blog covering everything from what gift to get your mother to how to make money (or not) online.

10 madandcrazy
His bio gives a good sense of his blog: “Once I was Iwaya. That was five years ago. Five years is a long time to remain the same person, and I was always so changeable. But for five years I was Iwaya-mad and crazy, lusting towards everything with more heart than brain, with more recklessness than caution. Keen to test out long thought out ideas. Five years of Madandcrazy the result.” This blog is full of interesting commentary on life in Uganda.

10 Poems to sit on(in the East African Savannah)
This blog by a Ugandan poet living in the UK is not updated very frequently, but that just gives you more time to let the words sink in. Go check it out.

10 A Coder’s Desire to be Heard
How to be a freelancer. Great tips and insights.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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Mark Jordahl is a writer, trip leader and naturalist who has lived much of the last 7 years in Uganda and currently calls Colorado home.
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  1. Pernille says:

    It is my blog ‘I’ve Left Copenhagen for Uganda’ – and in spite it isn’t updated since September 2007, but continued on Louder than Swahili in Tanzania – and now on After Africa in Denmark – my two blogs from Africa still have more daily visits than my Danish blog has today.

    Greetings Pernille

  2. Mark D. Jordahl says:

    That gives hope to all of us! Thanks for letting me know.

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