Why Does Facebook Want LESS Connectivity?

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Facebook only exists because of the connections it facilitates between people. Apart from that, it provides no other value except a place to waste time when you don’t feel like working.

So why have they made it harder to access your connections?

Apparently Facebook just made a change to the visibility of status updates and other posts. Whereas your updates used to appear on all of your contacts’ home pages, now people only receive your updates if you interacted with them within the two weeks before Facebook switched to this new system.

The result? You are invisible to most of your “friends.”

Are you a blogger (like me) who has a feed to Facebook and gets a lot of your traffic that way? Only those people you interacted with in those precious two weeks are being directed to your blog.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this.

1. Go to your Facebook Home Page

2. Click on “Most Recent”

3. Click on the arrow to the right.

4. In the drop-down, click “edit options”

5. Click on “show posts from” and change it to “all your friends and pages”

So don’t worry – your friends don’t hate you. They just forgot you exist for a while.

Unfortunately, this only helps you see them. For them to see you, they need to make this change for themselves, so send them this post!

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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Mark Jordahl is a writer, trip leader and naturalist who has lived much of the last 7 years in Uganda and currently calls Colorado home.
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