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The most recent issue of Orion Magazine includes an article by Derrick Jensen, a pretty edgy environmental writer, looking at the psychopathic tendencies of modern society in its attitudes towards the planet.  I have certainly seen our relationship to the earth as unhealthy, but he looks at very specific, clinical definitions of psycho- and sociopathology and draws direct lines between our attitudes towards the environment and a serial killer’s attitude towards his victims.

‘The New Columbia Encyclopedia states that a sociopath can be defined as one who willfully does harm without remorse: “Such individuals are impulsive, insensitive to others’ needs, and unable to anticipate the consequences of their behavior, to follow long-term goals, or to tolerate frustration. The psychopathic individual is characterized by absence of the guilt feelings and anxiety that normally accompany an antisocial act.”’

via World Gone Mad | Derrick Jensen | Orion Magazine.

Maybe we need a global therapy session.

Mark D. Jordahl – Kampala

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